Columbiaanse Vlamkolen

Low ash coal and more –
“Success with a special brand strategy”

Not all coals are alike. Different industries need different quality grades to enhance production efficiency. Comprehensive research and development programs finally led to patents and the design of very flexible and efficient upgrading processes that allow production and timely delivery.

ENERCO produces tailor-made coal products in its own modern processing facilities in Amsterdam and Born and to prepare coal grades with precisley the grain size and ash content the customers need. Customer's product specifications are becoming ever more complex. Therefore ENERCO extends its product portfolio accordingly. The standard programme currently includes six different coal brands.

primero is marketed in the power industry

primero 10/30 is ENERCO’s special brand for industrial firing

silero is specially tailored for the silicon metal industry

silero 1/7, the new product, is designed for the silicon metal industry

fesilero is the customised coal brand for the ferro-silicon industry

calido is tailored for domectic heating

Besides the brands, ENERCO produces further grades that are individually tailored to customer needs. ENERCO’s sucess in this field is the result of the comprehensive customer services.

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